We Need Forests So Much to Fight Climate Change: New Research Explains

As new research emerges, we learn how significant trees are for our planet. Biologists from West Virginia University released a paper discussing how trees worldwide consume more and more carbon dioxide than previously believed. 

Forests are now more important in controlling the Earth’s atmosphere, and we should raise even more climate change awareness.

Here is what you need to know.

Forests Help Earth Breath Safely

According to recent research, the CO2 increases in the atmosphere have triggered an uptick in trees’ water-use efficiency over the last century. 

The team’s work

Professor Richard Thomas and alumnus Justin Mathias synthesized published tree rings research. Their work supports the role of forests and their ecosystems in the current battle with climate change.

Professor Thomas released a statement discussing the importance of forests and how they “work.” He said:

“We demonstrate how forests perform another important service: acting as sinks for carbon dioxide.”

The paper also offers valuable details about how forests can consume huge amounts of CO2 worldwide. And that’s not all.

Researchers claim that a lot of CO2 would end up in the atmosphere without the forests’ actions. If the actual amount of CO2 increases, we would be in great danger.

This research should make us more aware of what climate change is capable of and act more responsibly by supporting all the people who try so hard to make a change.

Researchers added:

“Our work shows yet another important reason to preserve and maintain our forests and keep them healthy.”

More Important Details

Previous studies have suggested that trees were using water more efficiently over the last century via decreased stomatal conductance. Such a thing showed how trees kept more liquids when the pores on their leaves started closing under increasing levels of CO2.

However, more research indicated that photosynthesis triggers that process. The trees are indeed more intriguing than initially believed. More insights about the new research will be soon available!

Georgia Nica
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