We Must Prepare for the Upcoming Sniper Elite Movie

With so many video game series adapted for the big screen nowadays, it’s now the chance for one of the most amazing WWII shooters to follow the same recipe. The Sniper Elite series created by English firm Rebellion follows Karl Fairburne, a highly-skilled American OSS agent and an elite sniper.

According to Variety.com, a new movie based on the Sniper Elite series is in the works. Rampage and San Andreas director will create it, and it’s likely not addressed only for gamers. The upcoming movie will tell the story of a sniper as he tries to stop the assassination of Winston Churchill in the Second World War.

Prepare for “Sherlock Holmes Meets The Bourne Identity”

“Sherlock Holmes Meets The Bourne Identity” is the name of the upcoming movie, and Director Brad Peyton will direct and write a part of the script. He will be assisted by Gary Graham.
Jason Kingsley, the CEO of Rebellion, declared:

We wanted to twist and tweak the viewers’ expectations as to what they’d get from a movie like this.

He also added:

It’s a really, really compelling piece of scriptwriting, and great performances will be needed from the best actors we can get hold of. It’s a real, proper piece of drama, which just happens to be inspired by our computer game.

The Sniper Elite series has sold over 30 million units worldwide, and it consists of five main games: the very first Sniper Elite game from 2005, Sniper Elite V2 from 2012, Sniper Elite 3 from 2014, Sniper Elite 4 from 2017, and Sniper Elite V2 Remastered from 2019. There are also some spin-offs that offer a horror vibe to the series — the ‘Nazi Zombie Army’, bringing the insane plot twist claiming that the nazis had been collaborating with evil forces to become zombies.

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