xrOS For Apple’s AR/ VR Headset: What to Expect?


As we’re only a few days away from one of the most awaited tech events, the WWDC by Apple, more and more rumors and speculations start to stir quite the buzz. So, what to expect from WWDC? Here’s something to think about: xrOS!

Based on what we’ve witnessed previously, the tech giant based in Cupertino is anticipated to offer us a glimpse into the latest improvements to each of its operating systems. This year, though, it’s going to be a special one, as Apple is extremely likely to debut xrOS, the operating system that will power its much-speculated AR/VR mixed-reality headset. Let’s delve into more details, shall we?!

Apple’s xrOS Expectations: Name and UI

The name xrOS (extended reality) is believed to be Apple’s AR/ VR headset’s core. Additionally, the capitalization on the backend follows the name guidelines that Apple has established for all of the operating systems in its ecosystem. So, it’s actually nice to see something like this!

Users of the iPhone and iPad will be able to recognize the xrOS interface as being similar to iOS. However, it will be displayed to users and interacted with in a completely different way. How so? Well, it’s quite complicated but surely appealing to tech lovers. More than a dozen optical cameras will watch the users’ hands and eyes, and the best part, hands down, it’s that the wearer would be also able to stare at an item on the screen.

What are your thoughts so far on such Apple development? How do you think the xrOS could change our in-app/ game experience?

Apple’s xrOS Expectations: Apps

Redesigned versions of stock Apple apps, including Safari, Messages, Photos, Reminders, Books, videos, Health, Maps, Apple TV+, Apple Music, Podcasts, and Calendar, as well as a FaceTime app specifically designed for the headset, will be available for xrOS. For example, we will be able to explore cities all around the world via Maps, which is genuinely incredible!

Stay tuned for the big WWDC event!

Georgia Nica
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