Apple Music Classical Becomes Available for Android

Credit: Apple

If someone out there still believes that there’s no way for an iOS-based app to run on Android phones as well, they are so wrong! Apple proves once again that it’s possible. After the famous Apple Music app, it’s now time for the Apple Music Classical app to join the bandwagon.

9to5Mac reveals that the Apple Music Classical app is already available for Android users. Therefore, if you have an Android-based phone, you already have the chance to grab the aforementioned app from the Google Play Store.

Apple buys Primephonic

Apple’s introduction of the Apple Music Classical app has to do with the Cupertino-based tech giant’s acquisition of Primephonic. The music app features a distinct design and typography compared to the main Apple Music app. While Apple Music Classical is now up for grabs by those owning Android phones, it has yet to be optimized for iPad or Mac and is not compatible with CarPlay.

Here’s a quote from the app’s description via the Google Play Store:

Apple Music Classical also makes it easy for beginners to get acquainted with the genre thanks to hundreds of Essentials playlists, insightful composer biographies, deep-dive guides for many key works, and intuitive browsing features.

The decision to prioritize the Android release aligns with the strategy of Apple to replace standalone music services with their own apps on non-Apple platforms. Apple Music for Android has been well-maintained and even offers features not available on Apple’s own platforms.

Primephonic refers to a standalone classical music streaming service that aimed to cater specifically to those who are passionate about classical music. It was founded almost a decade ago and gained recognition for its extensive catalog of classical music recordings, which included a wide range of compositions, performances, and recordings from renowned artists and orchestras. Primephonic’s platform offered high-quality audio streaming and innovative features that were designed to enhance the classical music listening experience.

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