Vegeta Surpasses Goku, and Dragon Ball Super Explains How It Was Possible

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Since the very beginning of Dragon Ball Z, when Vegeta was first introduced, he has always been willing to surpass Goku in strength. The Saiyan Prince couldn’t possibly live with the thought that his rival was stronger. Vegeta managed to surpass Goku several times in the past, but only for short periods.

During the Majin Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta suggested that it’s pretty difficult to surpass Goku ‘by the book’. That’s because the latter was born with a natural talent that far exceeded the one of the Saiyan Prince. Goku always had a trump card making him stronger than Vegeta, regardless of how much the Saiyan Prince pushed his limits.

However, once again during Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta managed to surpass Goku and even beat him.

Vegeta surpasses Goku in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

During the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Vegeta managed to defeat Goku in a sparring match. Many would bring excuses for Goku’s loss, but hey, a defeat is a defeat! Vegeta proved that he’s stronger, although both Saiyans were only fighting in their base forms.

ScreenRant reveals that Dragon Ball finally reveals how it was possible for Vegeta to surpass his long-time rival. It all has to do with the new training style of the Saiyan Prince. While Goku focuses on physical training, Vegeta realizes that the key to becoming more powerful lies in mental training. By meditating and improving his relaxation and control over his power, the Saiyan Prince has gained the upper hand and defeated Goku in their latest match. This development may be controversial for Goku’s numerous fans, but it showcases Vegeta’s character evolution and his commitment to finding new ways to improve. However, Goku’s determination suggests that he will probably catch up to Vegeta in the future.

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