Twitter is Sued For $250 Million by Music Publishers Citing Copyright Infringement

Photo by Sunny Haccan on Unsplash

Because of widespread violations of their copyright, music producers have filed a lawsuit against Twitter seeking $250 million in damages. The lawsuit says that Twitter “routinely ignores” requests for takedowns, which is an even more serious problem.

The National Music Publishers Association is the organization that initiated the legal action, which asserts that users of Twitter have violated the copyrights of musicians and other artists thousands of times and that the corporation has done little to stop it. It is brought to the reader’s attention that Twitter is one of the only significant social networks that does not have license agreements in place.

In the document, it is stated that:

While numerous Twitter competitors recognize the need for proper licenses and agreements for the use of musical compositions on their platforms, Twitter does not and instead breeds massive copyright infringement that harms music creators.

The New York Times reports that Twitter had been in conversations regarding a potential agreement of this nature but that those discussions ultimately failed.

In addition, the complaint alleges that Twitter disregarded requests from music publishers to remove content from its site that violated copyrights, despite receiving notifications from publishers on a weekly basis. But that’s not even the whole story. Additionally, the lawsuit asserts that numerous offensive tweets are now being shared by verified users and that Twitter is likely to take action against verified accounts as a result of this.

What are your thoughts on such an unfortunate matter? Can you believe Twitter’s recent status?

Even while the complaint claims that copyright infringement has been an issue at Twitter for years, it’s more than that. There are actually some claims that the situation has deteriorated since Elon Musk seized control of the company. The action also references tweets from Musk himself, in which he criticizes copyright law, calling the “overzealous DMCA [Digital Millennium Copyright Act]” a “plague on humanity.” That’s indeed quite shocking.

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