Fortnite Will Welcome GI Joe Soon: What to Expect

Major hint about Fortnite’s next guest has been dropped recently. And the good news comes straight from the source!

Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard hinted at a new crossover coming soon to Fortnite. Such an addition might surprise some fans, but the praised game has become renown for its sleek crossovers.

From the popular Marvel to pop culture icons like Star Wars, Fortnite has welcomed one of the best figures alongside killer gameplay.

Here is what you need to know.

GI Joe in Fortnite: First Details

So far in Season 5, Chapter 2, we’ve witnessed the arrivals of Halo, The Walking Dead, The Terminator, and God of War. And it seems more is yet to come!

The next addition will be legendary, as in GI Joe arriving in Fortnite. The praised action figure was recently teased as the upcoming Fortnite crossover at the Game Awards. And we don’t have to worry about how true that could be. Epic Games’ creative director itself dropped a hint.

Teaser and other hints

Donald Mustard surprised everyone with his latest move. As you might know, when Mustard makes a change to his Twitter account, it could mean a single thing: new stuff coming to Fortnite!

A few days ago (January 28), Donald Mustard posted a photo with himself reading a comic book. What’s really intriguing is the logo that resembles the Arashikage Clan mark from GI Joe. And that’s not all.

Here’s a snippet of the original picture:

New location

Besides the eye-catching logo, a new location popped in: the Arashikage Clan – a Japanese ninja clan, home to the infamous Snake-Eyes character. 

The official Fortnite Twitter account has also dropped a few hints. A new teaser shows a clan with the “best codenames,” “laser guns and explosions,” and a cool Ninja Master. 

The short video closes up with a catchy phrase, “knowing is half the battle.” That is a huge and memorable reference to GI Joe.

As for the newest character’s arrival, we should see it somewhere in the coming weeks. More details about it will be available soon!


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