Toyotarou Brings Back Goku’s Evil Doppelganger in a New Sketch

Credit: Pixabay

Toyotarou is a manga artist who has been constantly involved in writing and illustrating the Dragon Ball Super Manga. The fans of the legendary franchise shouldn’t be surprised if they hear more and more about his ambitious projects.

Toyotarou has now drawn a new sketch of Turles, the evil doppelganger of Goku. If you don’t have any idea who Turles is, first and foremost, you must keep in mind that he is not one of Goku’s relatives. Turles is an evil Saiyan who has run away from Frieza’s command. The evil intergalactic emperor ordered Saiyans to work for him, including Turles. The evil Saiyan in question appeared in the 1990 movie known as ‘Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might’. He had to confront Goku at some point.

As you can easily conclude, Turles looks very similar to Goku. There are some differences, though: the skin tone of Turles is darker, and the evil Saiyan also has a tail. Goku lost his Saiyan tail long ago during a battle. Along with losing their tails, Saiyans also lose their ability to transform into Great Apes when they see the full Moon. During such a transformation, Saiyans become a lot stronger.

Unsurprisingly, Turles also made his appearance in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime. The show is well-known for bringing back many of the forgotten Dragon Ball characters. We’ve also seen the comeback of fighters such as Raditz, Bardock, Janemba, Future Trunks, and much more. Let’s not also forget the Super Saiyan 4 transformation of Goku from Dragon Ball GT.

Some might say that Turles missed the boat in becoming a Super Saiyan back in the day during the 1990 film where the character made his debut. Perhaps they’re right, as the evil Saiyan clearly had some interesting potential that could have placed him much higher than where he already was.

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