Top Times When Krillin Was a True Menace in Dragon Ball


Krillin is the subject of mockery in a lot of Dragon Ball memes that surfaced online, and it will probably continue like that. But Krillin might be the strongest Earthling, and he proved several times throughout the Dragon Ball franchise that he can be a true menace for his opponents.

We can’t deny that the Dragon Ball Super anime has made Krillin about just what the fans wanted him to be: a complete waste. But the little guy has been decisive several times in the franchise, and we’re not referring to those moments when he was bringing senzu beans to Goku and the gang. Let’s see what some of those moments were:

The Kamehameha beam struggle against SSB Goku

Goku became insanely more powerful than Krillin in the Dragon Ball Z anime, and the difference got even a lot bigger in Dragon Ball Super. Or at least that’s what the latter show wanted us to believe until one point. And that point was when Goku and Krillin sparred right before the Tournament of Power. Goku initiated his Super Saiyan Blue form against his good old friend, and both fighters fired a Kamehameha wave at each other. Krillin rapidly realized that there’s a massive difference in power, but he managed to keep up with Goku’s wave and even push it forward a little. That moment made some Dragon Ball fans become angry, but it was still one of the best moments of Krillin in the franchise. Competing with a Super Saiyan Blue isn’t any child play.

Teaching Gohan a lesson

Gohan and Krillin sparred before the Tournament of Power as well, and Goku’s son was having trouble regaining his fighting spirit. Gohan skipped training for classes a lot, and Krillin has beaten him in the sparing match fair and square. However, Gohan is clearly ahead of Krillin in terms of power level, but sometimes in Dragon Ball, it doesn’t just take raw strength to win a battle.

Destroying the Saibamen… with one blow!

This event happened early in the Dragon Ball Z anime, when Vegeta first came to Earth to destroy it alongside his henchman Nappa. Vegeta was pure evil at that time, and he brought along some Saibamen – some awkwardly-looking aliens that could be harvested just like plants. Each one of them was supposedly as strong as Raditz. The Z warriors had a lot of trouble fighting the hideous creatures, and Yamcha even got himself killed by the kamikaze strategy of one of them. Seeing his friend killed, that was the moment when Krillin got very angry and attacked the Saibamen with a devastating technique that killed a few of them in one single blow. Krillin really managed to shine in this episode!

Creating the Destructo Disc

You may have guessed by now, if you haven’t seen Dragon Ball, that Krillin is not too powerful. He doesn’t even know very powerful energy waves. Power levels are obviously essential for landing a powerful energy blast, but that didn’t stop Krillin from inventing something perhaps even more dangerous. Known as the Destructo Disc, this technique consists of a very sharp disc of energy that’s able to cut pretty much anything. Krillin even managed to cut a part of Frieza’s tail off while using it. Nappa’s cheek was also sliced by Krillin’s Destructo Disc, and we’re talking about a Saiyan who was clearly stronger than the little Earthling. Pretty ingenious for probably the most mocked Dragon Ball character, right?

Feel free to tell us in a comment if you have some other favorite moments of Krillin from Dragon Ball. We stick to the idea that Goku’s old friend clearly deserves more love from those writing scripts in Dragon Ball.

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