The Bennu Asteroid Has Higher Chances of Colliding With Earth Than Previously Thought

Credit:, Родион Журавлёв

Bennu is one of those asteroids that astronomers must always keep an eye on. Measuring 262.5 meters in its radius, the asteroid is far from being a “global killer” from the Armageddon movie released in 1998. But still, you would have to run as far away as you can if our household is in its trajectory.

It was recently discovered that the Bennu asteroid has a slight chance to hit our planet in the not-so-near future. But NASA now claims that the chances of a collision are even higher, as a new article from reveals.

Bennu has a 1 in 1,750 chance of hitting the Earth in the next 300 years

Of course, none of us won’t be around IF Bennu hits our planet in the next three centuries, but even so, future generations could be in trouble. New calculations of scientists now put the odds of a collision with Bennu a bit higher than previously thought.

But practically, it’s obvious that the chances are ZERO for Bennu to ever hit our planet. And the Cosmos has to do a much better job if it wants to destroy humanity than bringing a puny asteroid that measures only 262.5 meters in radius. Bennu also has a mass of 78 billion kilograms, and it has an orbital period of 436 days.

The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs roughly 60 million years ago, which is known as the Chicxulub impactor, was measuring between 10 and 15 kilometers wide. However, the crater resulting from the impact measures about 150 kilometers in diameter.

If we’ve disappointed the misanthrope in you, we’re NOT sorry, but the world won’t end even if it ever gets hit by the Bennu asteroid. You’ll have to bet on something else for getting the job done, like a black hole, nuclear warfare, or God knows what else.

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