Top iOS 14 Jailbreak Mods You Should Try

If you have jailbroken your iPhone, you’ve done yourself an excellent service, and you’re halfway to greatness.

After you finish jailbreaking the device, you must install and use some impressive tweaks to fully get the most out of the improvements.

We’ve put together a list of top tweaks we suggest you try out!


Flame grants you the ability to modify the aspect of some Cydia features.

Cydia is basically an App Store for tweaks, but it hadn’t received any considerable makeover since iOS 7, when it was last updated.


This tweak is very useful if you use emojis all the time. It creates emoji keyboard shortcuts that can help you type your favorites quicker.

It allows you to pin frequently used emojis at the empty space below the digital keyboard.


Snowboard allows users to customize their iPhone’s Home screen with fresh icon themes, modify the layout of icons, and some more.

Though you can now add custom iPhone icons in iOS 14, it isn’t necessarily the most straightforward process.


QuitAll is a modification that is very descriptive – It introduces a “quit all” button to the multitasking screen so users can close all apps simultaneously.

It works similar to what we’ve seen on Android devices for many years now.


This is one of the best modifications you can make to your iPhone. We all know and love FaceID, but we hate that we still have to swipe up before the iPhone starts recognizing your face.

However, AutoFaceUnlock changes that, as it allows the iPhone to unlock without needing you to swipe up first.


Whoops is a mod that grants you three seconds to cancel a message after you press sent, for those situations when you realize you’ve made a mistake a bit late.

Tonia Nissen
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