Best YouTube Music Downloader Apps

We’ve all experienced the situation when we wanted to download a song we love from YouTube. It’s frustrating enough that you can’t download it, but the fact that you can’t even listen to it with the phone screen locked makes it even worse.

Thankfully, there are ways around that. As limited as they are, they still offer just enough for you to be set free from the proverbial chains YouTube got you tied in.

However, we inform you that there may be consequences if you download music without letting the owner of the video know.

Let’s first talk about how you can play music in the background.

There is a simple way to play music from YouTube with the screen locked. You can do it by playing music in the Picture-in-picture mode.

That mode opens a miniature screen of the music you listen to as you browse through other apps.

By using it, you can listen to songs or other YouTube videos with the screen disabled.

Still, there is a catch – That trick only works on the premium version of YouTube, which you have to pay for.

However, if you are streaming music on your computer on a Chromium-powered browser, you can add an extension that helps you view music in the picture to picture mode, and that is entirely free.

If you are looking to download MP3 or MP4 files from the streaming service straight to your phone, you’ll see that there are a few options, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

First, there’s Snaptube, a popular solution for the problem. You only have to search for the video you desire to download and press a dedicated download icon.

The main advantages of Snaptube consist in the fact that it’s swift and easy to use. Also, you can download music and listen to in the future without being connected to the internet. You get to choose the format in which the file is downloaded and pick the quality of the video you want to download. That helps you save space on your device by picking a lower quality. You can also download videos from other websites, as you’re not restricted to YouTube only.

There is one disadvantage to Snaptube – It is full of ads!

The next option on our list is Vidmate. Its main advantage is simplicity. It can also help you download MP3 music to listen offline, and you can download videos from various platforms like Twitter. Like Snaptube, there is the option to pick the quality of the file you want to download. The main disadvantage is that you are listening to it illegally unless you download music from official websites.

Peggo is an alternative to the previously mentioned apps. You won’t be able to find it on the Google Play store due to legal reasons, but it works wonders if you download and install it.

To download a song, you first have to use youtube, search for the music, then share it via Peggo and tap the “record MP3” option.

Peggo can also work with Soundcloud and has various editing options for a rich, pleasant experience. Music is stored on your device, in the dedicated Peggo folder.

It’s worth mentioning that Peggo is very easy to use. Its primary disadvantage is that it is also packed with ads!

Last but not least, YouMp4 is our final pick for today. It allows users to download music from YouTube for free. It’s straightforward to set up and use – You only have to copy the link of the video you want to convert to Mp3 from YouTube and paste it into a dedicated search bar and tap the download button.

To put it simply, you can download any song you want with three easy steps. The app creates a custom folder to store all the music you download. It suffers from the same disadvantage as its predecessor – It has way too many ads.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you download music with any of these apps – It is an infringement of music copyrights and could get you in legal trouble. Make sure that you only download music from official, dedicated websites.

You won’t find most (if not all) these apps on the Google Play Store because of the legal complications they can generate, so you’ll have to download them from third-party app stores. However, make sure that you download them from a trustworthy source.

Tonia Nissen
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