Top Dragon Ball Z Characters Tier List

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If you’re one of the numerous Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) fans out there, it means you have great taste when it comes to anime. The show first aired in Japan more than three decades ago, in 1989. Since that time, DBZ has been promoted through numerous video games, action figures, movies, and so on.

Therefore, there is a huge number of DBZ characters to choose from. Each one has his own fighting techniques and traits. Thanks to, we have a tier list of DBZ characters made due to community voting.



Seeing Frieza in the very first tier was indeed expected. He is the mighty intergalactic tyrant who almost eradicated the Saiyan race. Zarbon and Dodoria, the other two fighters from the S-Tier, were two of Frieza’s trusted henchmen.

Moving on to the A-Tier, we see a lot of members of Frieza’s army and also a few Saiyans. Some relatives of Frieza are also there. The Ginyu Force was Frieza’s most trusted elite fighting squad, and we can see it all there in the A-Tier: Captain Gyniu, Recoome, Burter, Jeice, and Guldo. The appearances of Raditz and Nappa in that area are indeed surprising, considering that they were far weaker than the rest of the fighters. However, the two warriors were very feared Saiyans for their time.

The B-Tier is dominated by a few forms of Majin Buu, meaning the most powerful villain of the anime. We also see some powerful foes from the DBZ movies and the sequel Dragon Ball GT.

The C-Tier is pretty diverse, as we can see not only fighters but people without any superpowers as well. For instance, we see Bulma and Yamcha! Just kidding for the sake of online memes, of course! Yamcha has some fight left in him.

What’s your own opinion about the tier list?


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