Pokemon GO: Big Changes for Mega Evolution Are Coming Very Soon – Official Video Becomes Available

Credit: Pixabay.com
Credit: Pixabay.com

Even since it was first introduced, the concept of mega evolving a Pokemon has revolutionized the legendary media franchise. A captured Pokemon has become able to achieve an even stronger evolution than what was thought to be his final one.

But the Pokemon team never seems to take a break from coming up with new exciting ideas for the characters. We now find out about big changes coming to the mega evolution phase, and the source is as reliable as it can be.

There’s an official video proving the claim:

Therefore, a mega update is coming for the augmented-reality game Pokemon GO. Mega evolving a captured Pokemon will become easier, which is great news. Taking a Pokemon from his first phase and all the way to his mega-evolution form can indeed be a long and difficult road.

The new update has already been made available for select locations, but there’s no use becoming upset if you’re not seeing it running on your phone already. The update will go globally, which means another proof that time solves them all.

As the official description from the Pokemon GO team says:

We’re very excited to announce that an update to Mega Evolution in Pokémon GO will be available globally soon.

With the latest Pokémon GO update, Mega Evolution will now be easier and more rewarding than ever before!

Surely every Pokemon fan liked Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander when they were first introduced. Those are the three starter Pokemon from the very first generation. Their final evolved forms were also delightful – Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard had proven that Pokemon battles can be more destructive than ever. Then came the mega evolved forms of these three fully evolved Pokemon: the Mega Evolution.

Are you excited about the future update for Pokemon GO?


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