Top Chrome VPNs To Use in 2021 – Faster Browsing Experience

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. It offers a quick and straightforward browsing experience.

However, data breaches seem to be a mainstay in today’s world, alongside censorship and unwelcome ads, making privacy a top concern among many businesses and everyday users.

Therefore, VPNs had a sudden increase in demand. We strongly suggest that you begin using a VPN service if you don’t already do it, as it may save you time and protect your personal data.

Chrome makes it simple to set up and utilize a VPN via an extension built in the browser.

Let’s see the best Chrome VPNs you can get in 2021!


NordVPN is one of the most reputable VPN providers in the world. The company has a “zero log” policy, meaning that they are avoiding tracking customer activities, which adds extra protection for sensitive information.

The philosophy is that, if you don’t log any data, you can’t provide any data when government agencies come to ask for it.

Also, NordVPN has a desktop “kill switch.”

Some users reported some issues with Chrome, but most NordVpn users seem to be happy with the service.

It suits the users with extra money to spend and those who want to pay the costs upfront.


Surfshark is a trending Chrome VPN as it includes thousands of servers across the globe, and you can connect an infinite amount of device to your account.

Surfshark also features the industry-standard encryption and includes an ad-blocker, which many users favour.

Surfshark has a narrowly slower connection speed compared to rival VPNs, which may turn off some users.

Also, some people experienced random proxy errors that logged them out automatically.

However, if you put that aside, Surfshark’s proxy extension has many things to offer.

The main advantage of Surfshark is that it allows for unlimited connections, making it ideal for remote workers, small households and businesses with shared connections.

If you must connect numerous devices simultaneously, Surfshark is the VPN for you.


ExpressVPN is also a popular service. The company prioritizes user privacy.

Their headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands, a territory outside numerous privacy-sharing pacts.

ExpressVPN is reputable for its impressive security, featuring the choice of servers in over 94 countries around the globe.

Additionally, it doesn’t sacrifice browsing speeds, thus ensuring that there are no interruptions when you are trying to get work done or enjoy a browsing session.

The service offers a Chrome extension and an app. Having an active account grants access to both desktop and mobile versions of the service.

It suits most users thanks to the numerous server locations, ad-blocking capabilities and dedicated IP it offers.

Also, the rapid browsing speeds make ExpressVPN a desirable choice for multiple users.

The only downside to the service may be its cost.


IPVanish returns top-notch VPN performance at a reasonable price.

Plus, it offers safe storage for up to 500GB of data.

Though the service doesn’t include a Chrome store extension, Chrome users are still able to get the service on Chromebooks or other devices running on Chrome OS.

That is convenient for the increasing amount of companies that are implementing Chrome devices in their workplaces.

The VPN service has an affordable price during the first year (or month) but then sky-rockets.

Even so, its unlimited device support and consistent storage solutions make it a viable choice for all users.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.