Three Fan-favorite Weapons Have Been Added to Fortnite: Check Them Out

Source: Epic Games

Three fan-favorite weapons have just arrived in Fortnite, thanks to a hotfix update. That surprised most players because we don’t see that much stuff from just a small content update.

But Fortnite relies highly on its weekly content updates to keep the game experience sleek. The best part about these small updates is that you don’t really know what will be added. It could be new limited-time events, POIs, or a gun.

Check out the newly three fan-favorite weapons introduced in the game and explore more options with them.

What Are the Three Weapons Unvaulted in Fortnite?

Thanks to the latest hotfix update in Fortnite, also as reported by popular tipster HYPEX, Hunting Rifle, Flint Knock pistol, and the Airstrike Grenade have just been unvaulted. The weapons are three of the players’ favorites, so it’s quite a surprise to see them airing in the game!

Source: Epic Games

Some even believe that the new small update is the best so far of the season. The excitement is surely amazing, and fans are really pleased.

The Hunting Rifle, for example, has been a fan-favorite weapon since Chapter 1. The weapon is long-range, clip size, and has impressive accuracy for trick shooters and competitive players. How great is that?

The Flint Knock is a weapon with a dual purpose, meaning it can deal a lot of damage up close, knocking the shooter back. That’s great because it allows you to perform a quick getaway. Neat!

Check out HYPEX’s post on Twitter for more details and sneak peeks:

As for the Airstrike Grenade, which was first introduced in Chapter 1, Season 9, we’re the most excited to see it in action. The weapon is fantastic for raining some explosives down on your enemy players!

Epic Games surely knows how to bring joy to Fortnite players. More will soon be added as Chapter 3, Season 2, will come to an end.

Stay tuned for more Fortnite news and tips!

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