Fortnite: Take A Look At The Upcoming Survey Skins

Source: Epic Games

An Epic Games poll has revealed a lot of new Fortnite skins that should be available by the year 2022. The bulk of Epic Games’ income comes from the selling of individual cosmetics, such as Fortnite skins, through the item store.All of the costumes that were published at the beginning of the game were unique, but in the last several years, Epic has started producing frequent cooperation skins. Several skins have already been created in partnership this season.

Epic Games mistakenly revealed the Scarlet Witch costume ahead of schedule, although it was made accessible in the store yesterday night. The Cloak Back Ling and the Psychic Energy Manipulation Emote are also included in this collection.  It is very uncommon for Epic to distribute unique skins as concept art in surveys asking whether players like the clothes displayed in the picture despite the many cooperation skins we get.

As of now, on May 7th, 2022, gamers have started uploading images of the new Fortnite survey skins they’ve come across since the previous set was published in December. The latest survey skins that have appeared on social media thus far are seen below. We’ve seen a vast collection of Fortnite survey skins before, but this is the third time. More than 46 skins, most of which were launched in packs, bundles, the store or in a season’s Battle Pass, were available the previous time around.

What are the upcoming skins?

Over fifty Fortnite skins are included in the 2022 collection, however, some of them were already included in the previous set and haven’t been published yet. Skins from this picture are anticipated to be part of next season’s Battle Pass or the season after that. With the exception of a few costumes, the remainder of the clothes will likely be sold in the store. The following is a list of all the skins:

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