Sniper Elite 5: Shooting Hitler in the ‘Pride’ From His Pants Will Grant You a Special Prize


Over time, Rebellion has proven to do a great job at giving the players the chance to kill Hitler in the Sniper Elite series. The former WWII dictator appeared in pretty much every Sniper Elite game in the form of a DLC, and the upcoming Sniper Elite 5 will follow suit.

We have a little more than two weeks to wait until Sniper Elite 5 comes out for PC and the regular consoles (PlayStation and Xbox). The game will continue the notorious kill-cam that has become a trademark of the Sniper Elite series, allowing the player to pierce through the organs of infantry with his bullet. And while Rebellion knows very well that the little psychopath in us likes to aim for the ‘pride’ located in any man’s pants, it will grant us a special prize if we take Hitler down in such a way.

Killing Hitler by shooting him in the testicles will grant you the Bronze Trophy

You’ll get to kill Adolf Hitler once again in Sniper Elite 5 during the Wolf Mountain DLC. If you do so by blowing out the guy’s nuts, you’ll receive the Bronze Trophy, according to the upcoming game’s trophy list exposed on Exophase.

After the predecessor Sniper Elite 4, the fans had been asking for plenty of improvements. While we’re not here to say that the 2017 iteration of the series was bad, it seems like Rebellion has been quite receptive to what the fans demanded. Karl seems to be able to behave even more stealthy than before, and the kill-cam has received some enhancements as well. We can’t wait to see the full list of improvements!

What do you think? Would you be so merciless in killing Hitler with a testicle shot in Sniper Elite 5?

Cristian Antonescu
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