The US and Canada Can Prepare for ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse

Who doesn’t like to take a good look at solar eclipses? Of course, you must do it only after you grab those special glasses. Parts of the northern and eastern US will be witnessing a partial solar eclipse in the morning of June 10. As for parts of Canada such as Quebec, Ontario, or Nunavut, the residents of these areas will get to see a full ‘ring of fire’ created by the solar eclipse.

It’s pretty simple to understand what will happen on June 10: the Moon passes in front of the Sun, but it’s not close enough to our planet to fully block the sunlight. Therefore, the so-called ‘ring of fire’ will be created. A total solar eclipse, on the other hand, is when the Moon is close enough to Earth to completely block the sunlight.

The first solar eclipse in the US since 2017

Meteorologist Justin McKee wrote:

IN ONE WEEK, we will be gearing up for a partial annular eclipse! It will happen around sunrise next Thursday morning (June 10). About 30% peak coverage of the Sun in Roanoke, weather permitting.

The National Eclipse account wrote:

In exactly one week, a solar eclipse will occur in America. This will be the first solar eclipse in the US since the historic total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.

You obviously need to wear solar eclipse glasses to witness the event, and ISO-certified glasses are recommended. You must also inspect the lenses to make sure they’re free of scratches or perforations.


Source: The Washington Post

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