The Guardian: How Workplace AI, Trackers, And Robots Affect Quality Of Life

The Guardian has just revealed an interesting piece about the ways in which workplace AI, robots, and trackers are able to affect the quality of life. Check out the discoveries about this matter below.

Workplace use of AI, trackers, robots, and the quality of life

The mainstream publication The Guardian is addressing an interesting subject that has been on the lips of a lot of people lately due to the fast pace of tech advancements.

Exposure to new technologies such as trackers, robots, and AI software can negatively impact people’s quality of life, according to a study by the Institute for the Future of Work.

After surveying over 6,000 individuals, the think tank analyzed the impact of four groups of increasingly prevalent technologies on well-being across the economy.

According to the same publication, a study conducted by the authors revealed that workers who were exposed to technologies falling under three categories – software based on AI and machine learning, surveillance devices like wearable trackers, and robotics – were more likely to experience worse health and well-being.

It has also been reported the fact that the use of more long-established information and communication tech such as laptops, tablets, and instant messaging at work will definitely have a more positive effect on the well-being of people.

“We found that quality of life improved as the frequency of interaction with ICTs increased, whereas quality of life deteriorated as the frequency of interaction with newer workplace technologies rose,” the report stated according to the notes found in the same publication.

It is important to note the fact that the authors did not directly investigate the causes, but they did point out that their findings were consistent with previous research which showed, “such technologies may exacerbate job insecurity, workload intensification, routinisation and loss of work meaningfulness, as well as disempowerment and loss of autonomy, all of which detract from overall employee wellbeing”.

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