Bitcoin’s Race Places It On Track To $150k, Latest Predictions Say

Bitcoin was able to smash $73k recently, and according to the latest reports, it looks like the king coin is on its way to $150k by 2025. Here are the latest reports about the trajectory of BTC.

Bitcoin new predictions are out

It has been just revealed the fact that Bernstein analysts are saying that Bitcoin is on its way to $150,000, considering the rally that the king coin has been showing lately. This will reportedly happen by mid-2025, new reports say.

In a note sent to clients earlier this week, analysts Gautam Chhugani and Mahika Sapra reiterated their bullish forecast.

This is stating the fact that the king coin’s price is likely to “break out” and this will probably happen after the halving event in April on the back of the current strong momentum.

The analysts also made sure to state the fact that they’re “now more convinced” about their target for the crypto, which they first published last year.

“We built bitcoin institutional flows in our estimates to arrive at bitcoin price. We estimated $10 billion inflows for 2024 and another $60 billion for 2025,” they wrote in the note that we mentioned above.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red and the king coin is priced at $72,478.

The analysts who have been mentioned above also made sure to make a reference to the fact that 14 years after Bitcoin was born, the miners are the best proxy for the token itself.

They also believe the fact that investors should be able to see beyond the daily correlation between the performance shown by Bitcoin miners and the price of BTC. They added that they will probably see moments of weakness in mining shares as new investment opportunities.

We’re just ahead of the halving event, which is probably going to be the greatest one so far, according to crypto experts.

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