Tennis League VR Quest 2 Has a New Trailer

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Perhaps each and every tennis fan on the planet has been dreaming of playing the famous sport in VR (Virtual Reality) mode. That’s why they should indeed be excited by what the Tennis League VR Quest 2 video game will have to offer. The title will most probably make a lot of tennis fans out there happy.

AnotheReality is the developer responsible for working on the Tennis League VR Quest 2 video game.

Tennis League VR Quest 2 is available NOW on Quest 2 and Pro

There’s a new trailer available for the upcoming sports game that teaches us a lot about it. The trailer clearly makes a splash considering the amazing mechanics of the game. You can already go ahead and play it if you have a Quest 2 or Quest Pro at home.

Feel free to watch the new trailer:

Here’s an interesting description offered by Oculus:

Designed for casual fans or aspiring pros, Tennis League VR delivers the thrill of intense rallies and the triumph of landing the perfect ace. Use real tennis techniques to dominate the leaderboards and smash the competition. Virtual champions can play solo or online across a variety of game modes.

Not sure if Tennis League VR is for you or not? Then feel free to grab the free demo version and find out! Here’s another interesting statement brought by Oculus:

Download Tennis League VR’s free demo and join over 70,000 other players who have already lobbed, sliced, and drop shot their way to matchpoint. Experience the most precise tennis physics outside of the real thing! Refine your swing with exercises, challenges, and more.

Are you excited at the idea of playing Tennis League VR Quest 2? Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section below!

Tennis remains a highly-popular sport around the world, as millions of people are either playing or watching it.

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