Final Fantasy XVI Will Have an Impressive File Size on PS5

Credit: Square Enix

We’re only three days away from the release of Final Fantasy VI, the RPG developed and published by Square Enix that will be available for anyone who owns a PlayStation 5 console. Of course, those willing to play the game will also need an original copy of it.

While many are hoping for the upcoming installment of the legendary Final Fantasy game to become available for other platforms as well, we’ll just have to disappoint them. The title will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console, and now, fresh details have emerged regarding the storage space that the game will occupy.

Final Fantasy XVI will require 90GB of free storage space on PS5

In a world where many modern and top-rated games require over 100GB of free storage space, it seems that Final Fantasy XVI is not far from the rule. The upcoming game will demand 90GB of free space in order to be possible to install it on your PlayStation 5 console’s storage drive. In other words, you might need to delete other games, as well as some movies, in order to get Final Fantasy XVI running on your platform.

If you wish to learn more about Final Fantasy XVI, here’s a relevant description from the game’s website:

The sun is setting upon the land of Valisthea.

For centuries, people have flocked to her Mothercrystals to partake of their blessing—the abundant aether that fuels the magicks they rely upon in their everyday lives. As the aether begins to fade and the lifeless deadlands spread ever further, so too does the struggle for possession of the final flickers of the Mothers’ light grow ever more fierce. Yet amidst the gathering storm, there are those who believe that the legacy of the crystals has shaped mankind’s destiny for long enough.

Feel free to tell us what are your top wishes regarding the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI!

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