Alan Wake 2 Game Development Reportedly “Pretty Far Along”

Due to the fact that it’s been a while since Remedy Entertainment last provided updates on Alan Wake 2’s development, some fans may have assumed that the game’s release date has been pushed out until sometime next year.

However, there is finally some good news that seems to suggest otherwise.

The co-founder of XboxEra @Shpeshal_Nick recently shared some details on Twitter, saying that, as far as he’s heard at this point, the game is “pretty far along” and that gamers can even anticipate seeing “a true next gen showcase.”

That would seem to be consistent with the information regarding the game that was provided in an investors report in February, which is highly encouraging for those who remain hopeful for a release date before the end of 2023.

“I’m hearing that Alan Wake 2 is pretty far along and it will be a true next gen showcase. Seems like Fortnite money is going a long way,” the tweet reads.

Epic Games is the publisher of Alan Wake 2, as @Shpeshal_Nick suggests in the Tweet. Although the first Alan Wake received positive reviews, it initially had trouble drawing in players, which is why a sequel didn’t come out for so long.

Alan Wake 2 may attract a larger audience thanks to Epic Games’ involvement, however, and players who missed the original Alan Wake can always just go ahead and check out the remastered version, which was made available on PlayStation and Xbox back in 2021.

It is quite exciting to see when exactly Alan Wake 2 comes out! Unfortunately, neither Remedy Entertainment nor Epic Games have provided a release date or even a release window beyond “2023,” leaving fans unsure of the precise release date.

More than a third of the year has already passed, and many of the major summer releases have already been revealed.

The holiday season appears to have the best chance of happening because both companies will probably prefer to give themselves some time between announcing a release date and the actual official drop.

Fans will just have to sit back and wait to find out what is revealed for the time being.

Given the fact that fans of the game have been waiting to play it since 2010, a few more months should be fine.

Ionela Ghergus
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