Tap Heroes: Clicker War and Wartime – 2 New Titles from R2 Games 

  1. Tap Heroes: Clicker War Brings You The World of Magic That You’ve Always Dreamed About

Role-playing titles had always been playing a significant role in gaming, and this area never seems to run out of great ideas. One good example is the new Tap Heroes: Clicker War online game that you can play by heading over to R2Games.com!

Surely no gamer likes predictable gameplay, and we’re glad to announce that Tap Heroes: Clicker War is one of the exceptions! This game will take the player into a very exciting world full of magic, and the graphics quality is one of the strongholds! Tap Heroes: Clicker War can be considered either an adventure or idle game!

Manoeuvre your characters with just a click

You can enjoy the wonderful adventures and automatic battles from Tap Heroes: Clicker War in a way you’ve probably already guessed from the title: using simple clicks. It may sound incredible, but that’s the simple way this game operates and can make you experience the beauty of automatic battles. You’ll be in charge of a whole team, and you’ll have to make your teammates become heroes and also legendary!

But in Tap Heroes: Clicker War, it’s not easy just to make the first steps in playing the game itself. By choosing to fight automatically, you can even get your hands on the best equipment and legendary Heroes. Last but not least, receiving rewards and rare equipment will also be like a walk in the park!

Lots of gameplay opportunities!

There are a lot of gameplay options in Tap Heroes: Clicker War and each of them is extremely exciting: Dungeons, The Babel, The Trial of the Tree, Fragile Void, and more. If you wish to obtain another player’s riches, you can occupy his islands. There are countless exciting in-game seasonal activities and special festival activities to choose from, as you’ll never get bored. There are also 6 Races and 5 Occupations, as well as dozens of heroes that are designed using high-quality graphics.

Tap Heroes: Clicker War allows the player to collect a variety of heroes to form unique teams, cultivate heroes, and even transform them into stronger ones! This game is a great refugee for those situations when, for example, you have a lot of work to do at your desk, and you need fast relief. Feel free to take advantage of this game’s beauties, such as Hero Quests, The Garde, Tavern, or Hero Evolution! Holy Tree Trial, the Guild, or Arena!

By playing Tap Heroes: Clicker War, you won’t even have to worry that the internet will shut down! The game has plenty of rewards and an auto-battle mode that you can even obtain while you’re offline.

  1. WARTIME: The New Online Multiplayer Strategy Game Allows You to Conquer the World

Whether we like it or not, war is a necessary aspect of our world. There are a lot of games out there depicting the horrors of military conflicts, but few of them are so convincing and exciting as Wartime, the online multiplayer game that you can find and play at R2Games.com.

While playing Wartime, there’s no such thing as getting bored! The game offers a lot of fun and battle modes to choose from. The player gets to control troops, ships, tanks, and more. Each player’s army needs to become stronger, which is why there are a lot of ways to improve those troops to overcome the enemy! The large map from Wartime is big enough to allow multiple players from different parts of the world to compete against each other.

The Eternal Land represents the final goal for Cross-Server Battles

Heading to the Eternal Land is one sure way of getting even more exciting gameplay in Wartime! First, you have to improve your territory, and making your way to the Eternal Land will grant you access to new massive cross-server gameplay features and fierce battles. From this point, it’s all up to you to do your best for conquering the whole world!

Although the gameplay in Wartime is easy and fun, it still requires a decent level of tactics to master it. For instance, you need to build a powerful city and a strong defence system for your tower in this game, having the final goal of relieving your city from war. There’s also a beautiful green environment available to unfold your bag of tricks once you start the game, and there are so many nice-looking elements scattered across such a place: islands, cascades, rainbows, and more. Even if you start with a relatively deserted island, you can build a base to train your army and even make the environment a lot more pleasant by decorating it with buildings and many more elements. Slowly but surely, you can build an idyllic island base!

Many battle modes to choose from

Whether you want to choose from Wild Monsters, Battle of Kingdoms, War Robots, or Throne Showdown, there are plenty of exciting battle modes in Wartime! Just choose what suits you best and fight to dominate the world!

Online gaming represents the future, and there’s no wonder why! The classical way of playing games requires a lot of research and even money if you need to upgrade your hardware components. But if you choose to play online games such as Wartime, it all becomes significantly easier!

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