Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation Post a Story about Haters on Instagram

Source: AllKpop

Today, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon posted a story on Instagram and it was a catharsis type of message. The image she posted has a message for all those haters who enjoy spending their time criticizing others. The message was not long, but it was pretty clear. Haters criticize you when you have extra pounds; they criticize you if you are too thin, eat too much or not enough, and so on. It seems she feels that no matter what a Kpop star does, the idol will always be criticized.

Kpop fanatics are among the most ‘passionate’ kinds of fans.

The Kpop industry is a very tough one, and idols are usually overworked and even forced to diet until they have perfect proportions. Many times people also react against the stage outfits some Kpop singers receive: some are too revealing, and fans feel their companies are not appreciating the idols. Even if the idols train hard and always try to show their best behaviours, Kpop fans are always supercritical and tend to analyze even the tiniest gesture. Some fanatics even spend time criticizing Kpop idols on social media, and many South Korean celebrities suffer hatred attacks.

Taeyeon uses Instagram to share her thoughts.

It is not the first time Girl’s Generation member; Taeyeon uses the social media platform to share what she thinks. Back in December 2020, a dating rumour involved Taeyeon and Ravi from VIXX. At the time, she posted a screenshot of a message from the famous South Korean tv show: Doremi Market. The message was somewhat ambiguous, but people thought it was the idol’s way of sharing her frustration about the dating rumours. Girls Generation is signed with the notorious SM Entertainment label, while VIXX band is signed under GROOVL1N. Both agencies denied the dating rumours.

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