Red Dead Online – Extra Crime And Opportunity Quests This Month!

Source: PlayStation

There is plenty of unlawful activities you can do on Red Dead Online, but it appears that the developers are constantly working hard to expand that list.

Red Dead Online is introducing Crimes this month, a new sort of mission that sends players to commit holdups, train robberies, kidnappings, and so on.

Additionally, you won’t have to fork over premium currency to partake in the jobs.

Rockstar Games have announced the Blood Money update’s arrival for July 13th to step up the fictive crime life of gamers.

The main new bits of content in the update include the Crimes and the even more considerable opportunities.

Crimes are being doled out by Guida Martelli, who needs the player to chase down and retrieve some Capitale notes for him.

Rockstar revealed that players could complete kidnappings solo or co-op.

If you bring home enough Capitale, Martelli will let you step in on an Opportunity.

“Each Opportunity can reveal various approaches to the task at hand–listen into nearby conversations or look out for important targets to uncover new paths to completion,” announced Rockstar. The first of three different Opportunities will be launched on July 13th, with the other two being released ulteriorly.

Rockstar didn’t refer to the additions like a new Role, but it sounds remarkably similar to the missions you typically recognize as a Bounty Hunter or Moonshiner.

Players will likely get sent to various locations to try and snatch or kill an NPC, or sneak into a building to take items from a chest or kill all of the enemies inside a train.

At a first guess, we believe that the update will bring a balanced mix of missions we’ve seen in other jobs.

Additionally, they mentioned free roam crimes like robbing homesteads or camps.

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