‘Ghost of Tsushima’ Movie Adaptation – Director Updates Fans on Development


The upcoming Ghost of Tsushima film from Sony got a fresh status report from director Chad Stahelski, much to the excitement of fans who have been looking forward to learning more.

After the video game was released in 2020, Sony quickly revealed in 2021 that a cinematic adaptation, directed by Stahelski, was in the works.

The movie has not received any significant updates since that announcement, but Stahelski insists that does not imply no work is being done on it.

Stahelski revealed that the Ghost of Tsushima film adaptation is now under “intense development” in an interview with ComicBookMovie.

The movie’s pre-production stage or how close it could be to reaching its next significant milestone were not made clear by Stahelski.

However, he did go into more detail about his expectations for the adaptation and his general strategy for bringing the game to life on the big screen.

Stahelski told the publication the following: “That’s something we’re in heavy development on. I love the property. The game story of Jin Sakai, and it being what I would say is, ‘The most anti-samurai samurai movie out there,’ because of the storylines, thematics in it, and the journey that Jin Sakai goes through […] is so interesting to me. The characters in the story are definitely something I don’t want to lose in any way. The trick is not do we have great material, we know we have great material. It’s how to make it palpable in any platform. You know, how do we make a great two, two and a half-hour movie out of this? Make it satisfying and leave it open to expand further from there. That’s the real challenge. How to take so much great and get it down to a watchable level.”

As of right now, Sony is yet to specify a release date or even just a window for its movie adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima.

Gran Turismo, the upcoming major PlayStation movie adaptation, is set to debut in a matter of months on August 11.

The Twisted Metal TV program adaptation, slated for release on Peacock at the end of July, will go along with it.

Ionela Ghergus
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