Sony’s First R-Rated Marvel Movie Kraven the Hunter Will Air in October This Year

Credit: Jun Sato/ WireImage

Watch out, Spidey, you’re ‘favorite’ villain will soon come into town and on the big screen! Kraven the Hunter will be Sony’s first R-rated Marvel film, which is quite the thing, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who portrays the title character, said at CinemaCon 2023. It is unknown whether Kraven the movie will share any similarities with Sony’s wider Spider-Man series. The studio’s Spider-Man, Venom, and Morbius films have all received a PG-13 rating. Where can we watch the trailer for Kraven the Hunter?

Unfortunately, the trailer won’t be made available online since Sony showed a two-minute video for Kraven only to CinemaCon participants. Imagine some high levels of gory brutality, like in Logan style, when you watch the clip of Kraven taking out mercenaries and poachers. Quite brutal! Russell Crowe is portrayed in the video as Sergei Kravinoff’s Russian father by Taylor-Johnson. Alessandro Nivola plays the Rhino, as is revealed at the very end of the video. What was really interesting to see was how the character’s arm skin begins to take on the appearance of rhino skin. A very quick scene also shows Sergei holding up the traditional fur suit worn by Kraven in the Marvel comics.

Are you as excited as we are about the Kraven the Hunter portrayal?

Now, let’s dig into some background! In Amazing Spider-Man #15 of Marvel Comics, Kraven the Hunter actually made his debut. He saw the wall-crawler as the ideal prey to capture and regarded himself as the finest hunter on the entire planet (whoa, there, talking about a huge ego!). According to Taylor-Johnson, Kraven is “not an alien, or a wizard,” which is why he enjoys portraying the character. He is only a hunter and a person of conviction, but most important, a lover of animals and a guardian of the environment. Well, if you put it like that, Kraven is really our guy!

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