BMW’s Digital Car Key Support is Now Available to Android

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Great news for BMW and Android users: digital car key support is now available! According to a recent announcement, BMW will make “Digital Car Key Plus” available on Android, enabling owners to lock and/or unlock their cars using their smartphones. And one of the greatest things, drum rolls, please…the car will also be able to unlock as you approach it! Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Check out the official statement by BMW below:

Digital Key Plus can now be set up and activated on current Samsung Galaxy S23+ / Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, and a number of older models with suitable hardware. The vehicle can be programmed to lock or unlock as the customer approaches or walks away with their device just as with a conventional vehicle key with comfort access functionality. The orchestrated welcome light display and light carpet also function as with the physical key, depending on the vehicle equipment.

What do you think of BMW’s latest update?

For starters, your BMW must be built after November 2022. Additionally, you must reside in a region where Samsung Wallet is available, have the most recent version of Android 13 installed on your smartphone, and have Samsung Wallet installed on Galaxy devices. But don’t worry, as compatibility for older models will soon be added via a vehicle software update. Here is a complete list of phones that are compatible:

Samsung:  Galaxy S23 Plus + Galaxy S23 Ultra + Galaxy Z Fold 4 + Galaxy S22 Plus + Galaxy S22 Ultra + Galaxy Z Fold 3 + Galaxy S21 Plus + Galaxy S21 Ultra + Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Google: Pixel 7 Pro + Pixel 6 Pro

How does BMW’s Digital Key Plus work?

Ultra-wideband (UWB), which has progressively introduced on phones by Google and Samsung over the past couple of years, is actually used here. On eligible vehicles, Digital Car Key Plus utilizes the My BMW app and enables the user to share directly the digital car key with friends or family, provided they also have an Android or iOS device. Cool!

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