Shocking Claim From Donald Trump’s Former Aide: The Ex US President Doesn’t Use A Computer


In a world where literally everybody has a computer in their pockets, it seems that former US President Donald Trump doesn’t know how to use one if what his former aide says is true. Furthermore, Madeline Westerhout, the former aide of Trump, claims that the ex-president of the United States doesn’t even have an email address, as BBC informs.

The former aide of Donald Trump reveals that the former US President demanded her to take notes rather than write information himself. The next step would be for Trump to edit those notes on paper and send them.

Trump likes to capitalize certain words

Madeline Wasterhout also reveals that the former US President is a fan of capitalizing specific words in his pieces of text. One of those words is “country,” while Trump also preferred plenty of exclamation marks in his texts.

Donald Trump is currently going through a trial in which he is being accused of falsifying records with the goal of hiding a payment to Stormy Daniels, a famous porn star.

The information about the former US President not using a computer or email address is indeed shocking, and not just because anybody is online nowadays. Let’s also not forget that Trump is pretty active on social media, and it’s that high level of activity that made him get himself banned. Therefore, Trump even decided to launch his own social app known as “TRUTH Social” two years ago.

Donald Trump declared at that time in a video that appeared on

The new age of censorship is a disaster for our country. Things were far better in the days when we had our debates fiercely and openly, and then we could move forward together, as Americans.

Donald Trump is once again running for President in 2024 as a representative of the Republicans. The current US President, Joe Biden, is also hoping to win the seat in the White House.

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