Vaping Could Cause Higher Levels of Uranium and Lead in the Human Body

Unfortunately, a lot of people prefer to deceive themselves when they try to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes, an activity also known as vaping. Even though the method might work, the problem is that e-cigarettes are also dangerous for human health.

It has been concluded once again by scientists that vaping can also affect our health. The findings suggest that vapers have higher levels of uranium and lead in their bodies compared to those who don’t vape at all, according to new research published in Tobacco Control.

Urine samples shed light

For the new research in question, scientists analyzed urine samples from vapers who are in their teenage years. Those who qualify as frequent vapers have shown lead levels in their urine that were 30 percent higher than in the case of those young vapers who prefer e-cigarettes only from time to time. If you want a more specific threshold, the answer is simple: in this case, the term “frequent vapers” refers to those people who vape between 5 to 19 days a month.

As for uranium levels, they were shown to be twice as high in the case of frequent vapers compared to those who vape only occasionally.

The statistics show that in the UK alone in 2022, about 3.5% of adults reported using vaping occasionally, which means an increase from 2.8% registered in 2021.

Kelly Burrowes from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute brings an explanation, although he wasn’t involved in the research:

While vaping is thought to be a safe alternative to smoking, the aerosol still contains a range of chemicals, including heavy metals, that — with chronic exposure — may lead to long-term health effects.

As for the “real deal,” meaning the real cigarettes, perhaps we all know already about how dangerous they can be for our health – smoking can lead to heart disease, cancer, lung diseases, stroke, and more.

Cristian Antonescu
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