Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Will Feature Waterproof Protection

Credit: @_snoopytech_

We were happy to share the news regarding the new press image of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablet series. It’s clear that we’re talking about new powerful tablets from the South-Korean tech giant. Samsung proves that it can do great in other areas as well, not only when it comes to smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is a flagship tablet series, without a doubt. The upcoming models will most likely run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which is also a flagship processor. In other words, you can only expect the best from the Tab S9 series, and fresh details have now emerged regarding a much-demanded feature!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets will go for a swim

It’s highly likely that you won’t have any trouble going through the rain while using the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9. NextPit has remarked on the water splashes behind the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets that appear in the rendered image brought by @snoppytech. This is obviously a hint that the forthcoming tablets will feature protection against water.

However, it remains unknown at this point the exact level of waterproof protection that the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets will feature. However, it’s reasonable to guess that we’re talking about IP68 or IP67 level, considering that the devices are flagships.

Let’s take a closer look at the tablets:

Other sources indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 will be capable of huge battery power of over 10,000mAh. That means that by using such a tablet, you won’t have any problems keeping it active for over 24 hours.

We all have to admit that a mobile device without protection against water is not exactly what we need nowadays. We carry our smartphones and tablets everywhere with us, which means that waterproof protection can come in handy very much.

What’s your take on the upcoming flagship tablets from Samsung? Feel free to comment!

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