Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Press Image Reveals Three Powerful Tablets

Credit: @_snoopytech_

Information regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 has been circulating online for months, and we even shared the news back in March that the future tablet will feature a high-end processor: none other than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

It rapidly became clear that we’re talking about flagship tablets built by Samsung. The upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 will be available in a few versions, and the best one will likely be the ‘Ultra’ variant.

As for now, an official press image has emerged regarding the upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 tablet of Samsung. It seems that there will be three versions of the series – probably the standard, Pro, and Ultra variants. Also, judging by the press image, there seems to be no front camera on the three tablets, which would be a good change.

Feel free to feast your eyes on Samsung’s upcoming beauties:

The South Korean tech behemoth will likely rely on under-display front cameras instead of the traditional ones that appear on a notch placed directly on the screen. Many tech enthusiasts are annoyed by the older approach.

Judging by other sources, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 will also sport an enormous battery – one that reaches 10,880mAh. Surely that kind of battery can be enough to keep the tablet running for more than 24 hours of moderate to heavy usage. In other words, you’ll likely get to run plenty of gaming sessions on the Galaxy Tab S9 and watch lots of multimedia content before the battery runs out of power.

As for now, there are still plenty of discussions regarding a possible release date for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9. The South Korean giant will probably release the tablet in a few months, but surely more official information will be revealed a lot earlier. In other words, make sure to stay tuned!

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