Saints Row Developers Ask Players for a Second Chance after Improving the Whole Experience!

Saints Row is poised to receive an update that completely overhauls everything and introduces a ton of new features.

Nearly every single aspect of the game has been upgraded, including combat, objectives, and multiplayer, and the developers are requesting one more chance from the fans to support the revival.

It is the first of three significant upgrades; the expansion goes live on May 9 and the update also comes with a new region of the map, the Sunshine Springs district, in addition to general game enhancements.

New player activities will also be available in the region, which should be more popular than those we provided at debut in August of last year.

Following Saints Row’s catastrophic debut, which saw the game lambasted by both fans and reviewers, the Sunshine Springs update was released.

According to these detailed patch notes, it appears like Gearbox, the game’s creator, is working to give Saints Row a fresh start, as previous unsuccessful releases have done in the past.

The patch notes read that “The team’s been hard at work to bring you a massive set of quality of life improvements, some new features and also bug fixes. This includes an overhaul of combat, making it feel smoother and just more bada*s than ever before.”

The developers go on, asking fans to give the game a second chance.

“We improved a lot of things – some you need to play to truly appreciate (especially changes of combat) so get back to Santo Ileso now and let us know what you think,” they said.

Saints Row’s combat has undergone a number of adjustments, the majority of which are aimed at making battles more straightforward and less irritating.

Any likelihood that adversaries will be able to avoid your melee attacks is now “near nil.”

They won’t be able to attack you as easily while you’re crouched, and it will be simpler to cut them off when they summon reinforcements.

Additionally, their hitpoints have been “dramatically” decreased, and a number of UI adjustments will make it simpler to determine whether you are fighting effectively or not.

Aside from the combat, making your way through Santo Ileso should also be a little less annoying.

There will be a “completed” tab as to keep track of the activities you’ve previously accomplished, and the HUD now clearly distinguishes between main plot and side quests.

Other adjustments include several audio modifications in and around Santo Ileso as well as numerous bug fixes.

Basically, if the update is a success, the game should generally get better in all areas, especially its multiplayer capabilities.

It will be interesting to see if this update, together with the others scheduled for the year, is sufficient to turn Saints Row around.

In any case, it demonstrates that the game’s publisher Deep Silver hasn’t given up just yet and is ostensibly hoping for a reversal along the lines of Cyberpunk 2077.

Ionela Ghergus
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