Reus 2 God Simulation: Release Date, Gameplay, and More

Credit: Abbey Games

Great news for all Reus fans: a sequel will soon be available! A sequel to Abbey Games’ fascinating god sim Reus is “on the way,” which is quite surprising considering a decade actually passed since the release of the first version for Windows PCs. Reus succeeded in getting mainly positive reviews, stirring quite the buzz, and we now expect the same thing with its sequel!

We’re excited to bring Reus 2 to this new era, and show what it can bring to all those who want to create their own perfect world! said Maarten Wiedenhof, Manuel Kerssemakers and Adriaan Jansen, the Abbey Games devs.

What to expect from Reus 2?

The game is still in its development phase, so we don’t have many details. However, following in its predecessor’s footsteps, Reus 2 will most likely offer you the chance to be the creator of as many planets as you wish, ruling over them as the god you are. You’ll also be free to come up with your own ideas for modifying different aspects of those planets and to observe how their inhabitants would respond to the unusual environments you put them in. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Did you play the first in the series? What are your thoughts about Reus 2?

Oh, and let’s not forget challenges because they’ll be plenty of them. Actually, what’s best about this god simulation game is that you’re the challenge-maker! Whatever you decide, like making life simple for some residing in one world while putting the inhabitants of another planet through hell, you always have something to work at. It’s nice to have such an ability because one day is an apocalypse, and another, we’re on the seventh cloud.

That’s somehow tricky considering the things we’re facing today; like, thank god we’re not in a simulation, right?!

As previously said, Reus 2 is still in its stages of development, so don’t expect it to be launched soon. However, here is something that you can do instead: add it to your Steam wishlist!

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