Rockstar Wants to Take Down a Popular GTA 4 Mod

Credit: Rockstar Games

A hacker recently got his hands on the source code for GTA 6. A lot of gameplay footage for the long-awaited game leaked online – a number of about 90 videos. These moves were obviously not appreciated by Rockstar Games.

Coincidence or not, the famous New York City-based company decided to eliminate one of the most popular mods for one of its older but still popular games, GTA 4. The mod is known as ‘Definitive Edition.’

The news was brought by the developers of the mod via Twitter:

GTA 4 was released 14 years ago, and it rapidly became highly popular in the gaming world. The game follows the adventures of Niko Bellic in Liberty City (fictional New York) after he came from Europe. Niko is a war veteran who was involved in the Yugoslavian War, so he won’t back down from a tough challenge. Coming to his cousin Roman in Liberty City, Niko had a lot of mercenary stuff to do.

GTA 4 is widely regarded as the darkest and most sinister GTA game ever made, and for good reasons. Killing and betrayal are everywhere in this game, and Niko Bellic has some very tough decisions to make that will affect the progress of the storyline. In other words, there are several possible continuations of the story at some point, and it’s all based on what the player will decide.

As was expected, not much time passed until modders started to show their skills in modding GTA 4. The fourth major iteration of the Grand Theft Auto series has very exciting gameplay, but the graphics are pretty poor (it’s a 2008 game, after all).

It will be interesting to see if Rockstar will go after other GTA mods as well or not. There are a lot of mods out there for pretty much any Grand Theft Auto game. Stay tuned!

Cristian Antonescu
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