Here’s the Most Important Trait to Remain More Attractive to People, According to an Expert

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Many of us like to be as attractive to others as possible for various reasons. We’re social beings by nature, but even so, being perceived as a pleasant individual is not always like a walk in the park.

According to CNBC, compassion is the tool you need to live a happy and healthy life, as well as to remain younger and be regarded as more attractive. However, it still could be a problem with what people usually understand by the term ‘compassion.’

Compassion can be more complex than you think

Compassion doesn’t mean feeling or acting sorry for people. You need to let go of all prejudice and establish a deep connection with people in order to be truly compassionate.

A person could be a lot wealthier than you or belong to a different race or nationality. That person might have a different religion, culture, musical tastes, and so on. You still need to find a way to develop empathy towards the person, regardless of how different he or she is compared to you. Aspects such as income, social status, race, religion, or nationality have already divided way too many people during Earth’s history.

The same publication mentioned above shared a 6-step guide to practicing compassion, coming from a meditating perspective. You can strengthen compassion like a muscle. The steps are, for short, the following in order: bringing a loved one into your mind, letting the compassion encompass your body, expanding the compassion into your room, sending your compassion outdoors, allowing the compassion to encompass your country, and allowing your compassion to embrace the whole planet. It surely sounds absurd, but simply imagining yourself in such situations could help.

Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us what other methods you would propose in order to be a person perceived as likable.

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