ProtonMail Adds Much More Storage Space for Users


ProtonMail is one of those mail services that could serve as a cute alternative for Gmail or Yahoo. If you’re looking for an encrypted mail service that’s also free to use, you can always give ProtonMail a try.

Perhaps the news of ProtonMail offering more storage plans will act as a strong incentive for you. And if you’re like most people, surely you need a secondary mail address. You might use it as a recovery mail or just to get rid of some of those huge waves of irrelevant information and recommendations from all sorts of companies that keep flooding so many mail addresses today.

ProtonMail is updating all of its plans reveals that ProtonMail is going through plenty of changes starting today: it will be named simply ‘Proton’ and will update all its plans.

Proton is now offering three plans for its users: Free, Mail Plus, and Unlimited. For those opting for the free version, they’ll get 1GB of storage, which means double compared to the previous amount.

If you choose the MailPlus plan, it will cost you 5 euros per month, and you’ll receive 15GB of storage.

The Unlimited plan will cost you 12 euros per month if you opt for it, and as its name suggests, it’s pretty generous. It offers 500GB of storage. That should be enough to send emails for the entire lifetime! Just kidding, it depends on each person.

Varun Kabra, who’s CMO of Proton, said, as 9to5Mac quotes:

We have taken a big step forward in redefining our visual identity and user experience.

He also added, as the same source quotes:

By unifying Proton’s products, both technically and aesthetically, we are making privacy more accessible and enjoyable than ever before for everyone.

Besides the mail part, ProtonMail also offers other nice services, such as a calendar, cloud storage, and a VPN.

Cristian Antonescu
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