‘Princess Peach’ Nintendo Switch Game Officially Announced!


According to Nintendo, a new Super Mario spin-off game starring Princess Peach is currently in development and will be released on Switch in 2024.

Peach has frequently been a huge character in Nintendo games that doesn’t have her own specific game.

The well-known heroine may frequently be found alongside Mario, Luigi, and other Nintendo characters in games other than DS title Super Princess Peach.

Now, Peach will find herself in the limelight on her own in a new project with a variety of as-yet-unknown components.

More precisely, it turns out that Princess Peach will serve as the main player controlled character in a new Switch game Nintendo revealed during a Direct presentation.

The game, which hasn’t been given an official name yet, was only briefly demonstrated during the presentation, and Nintendo representatives didn’t provide many details about what it will contain.

Other than the fact that this Princess Peach game will be released next year, not much else is presently known.

Regardless of this fact, Nintendo still did manage to show off a portion of this unnamed Peach game in action.

On the basis of that clip, this project appears to be a side-scroller in which Peach runs across a stage-set scene.

Additionally, it appears that Peach will come into contact with a variety of new characters during the course of this game.

“A brand-new game starring Princess Peach is coming to #NintendoSwitch in 2024! Stay tuned for more details,” the tweet reads.

Nintendo probably won’t say anything more concerning this Princess Peach game for a long time while they work on developing it in the year to come.

Not to mention that the business is currently concentrating on the titles that will be released in 2023, such as Pikmin 4, Detective Pikachu Returns, and its upcoming Super Mario RPG remake.

But it appears like we’ll start to get a better peek at what this Peach game will have to offer once all of these games finally arrive on Switch.

Ionela Ghergus
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