Pokemon Go Will Welcome Battle League Season 7 Soon: New Cups, Rewards, and More

Pokemon Go is getting ready for a new Battle League Season! We should expect new cups, rewards, and more yet to be discovered.

The best part is that Battle League Season 7 will arrive alongside the new Seasons of Legends event. Players can soon match up against each other for a sleek online PvP battle. And all that while they are conquering the ranks and collecting rewards.

Here is what you need to know.

Launch Date 

Go Battle League Season 7 will air next Monday, March 1, at 1 PM PST, 4 PM ET, 9 PM GMT. The event will end on May 31 at 1 PM PST, 4 PM ET, 9 PM GMT.

You can collect the final rewards for Season 6 on March 1, but only if you are Rank 19 or higher. Then, your rating will reset. 

Full Schedule

Go Battle League Season 7 will introduce two new modes, the Retro Cup and the Great League Remix, and other Cups as well. 

This season will come with the same rank structure as the previous season. You should remember that every league will start at 1 PM PT and end at 1 PM PT, as it follows:

  • Great League: March 1 – March 15;
  • Ultra League + Premier Cup: March 15 – March 29;
  • Master League Classic + Master League + Great League: March 29 – April 5;
  • Master League + Ultra League + Great League: April 5 – April 12;
  • Great League Remix + Great League: April 12 – April 26;
  • Ultra League + Premier Cup: April 26 – May 10;
  • The Retro Cup + Master League + Master League Classic: May 10 – May 17;
  • Master League + Great League + Ultra League: May 17 – May 24;
  • Kanto Cup: May 24 – May 31.


Pokemon Go Battle League Season 7 will come with these rewards and encounterings:

  • Legend rank: Pikachu Libre, an Elesa-inspired theme, and avatar items;
  • Ace rank and more: Deino;
  • Rank 1: Zebstrika;
  • Rank 1 and more: Poliwhirl, Pupitar, Flaaffy, Galvantula, and others;
  • Rank 10 and more: Medicham, Stunfisk, Frilish, and others;
  • Rank 10: Pikachu Libre avatar stuff;
  • Rank 15 and more: Rufflet (possible Shiny), Scraggy, and Lampent;
  • Rank 19: an Elite Charge TM;
  • Rank 20 and more: Legendary Pokemon in raids.


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