Plants Vs Zombies 2 Free (North America) Version 8.7.2 Adds New Content

Plants Vs Zombies is fantastic. The first game set a new benchmark when it was released many years ago. Its sequel, dedicated to mobile devices, carried on its legacy and expanded on what the first game offered. Plants Vs Zombies 2 features exponentially more locations, enemies, plants, and customizability options, making it a pleasure to play.

The game is a regular Android app like any other, so it receives periodic updates. Here is an extract from the patch notes of version 8.7.2, which the game just reached:

The game offers dozens of hours of playtime for you to kill the free time that you have. Also, it has excellent replay value – replaying a level can grant you access to new goodies, and you can be in perpetual competition with yourself by trying to beat your high scores again and again.

“Jump earnestly into a new year with PvZ2! This update includes:

  • New Plants: Gloom Vine and Draftodil!
  • New Zombie: the hindering HelpDesk!
  • Bushels of new Arena and Penny’s Pursuit levels!
  • Bug fixes and various quality of life improvements!”

As you can see, many new goodies were introduced by the app’s new version, so you should go ahead and install it as soon as possible.

The game should have updated itself automatically by default unless you opted to disable that option from your smartphone or tablet’s settings menu.

If the game hasn’t updated itself yet, you can open the Google Play Store, navigate to the game’s designated page, and tap the update button if the new update is also available for your device.

William Reid
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