Pokemon Go Strange Rings Special Research Challenges and Rewards: Tips & Tricks

Source: Niantic

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 added an incredible Special Research story dubbed Strange Rings that’ll leave you in awe! All players can now enroll in a new adventure and collect some sleek rewards by completing all the challenges.

But there is more to see and enjoy right now in Go Fest 2021.  From the Mythical Meloetta, the return of every single Legendary ‘mon that’s been in Go in the past to the chance to catch a Pikachu Pop Star or Pikachu Rock Star.

Curious to find out more about the new Strange Rings event?

Strange Rings Special Research Challenges and Rewards

The Strange Rings Special Research story aired on July 18. Niantic announced all the tasks and rewards available, so we know what to expect.

Here is what you need to know.

Strange Rings: Step 1 Details

  • Take 2 snapshots: 3 Razz Berries;
  • Transfer 20 ‘mon: 5 Max Potions;
  • Battle in 3 raids: 3 Max Revives.

FINAL REWARD: 1 Lucky Egg, 5000 XP, and 2000 Stardust.

Source: Niantic

Strange Rings: Step 2 Details

  • Catch 20 different ‘mon species: 3 Max Potions;
  • Make 5 Great Throws: 3 Silver Pinap Berries;
  • Win 5 Raids: 5 Max Revives.

FINAL REWARD: 10000 XP, 3000 Stardust, and 3 Silver Pinap Berries.

There are only two steps available, so it shouldn’t take you too long to complete the tasks, even if they’re a bit time-consuming.

The best part includes a Double Transfer Candy bonus on the July 20 Spotlight Hour.

TIP: transfer Pokemon during Spotlight Hour, then use Lures and Incense to catch 20 different ‘mon species.

Source: Niantic

Hoopa in Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, Hoopa won’t be available as a reward for the Strange Rings Special Research story. Rumor has it, the cute little ‘mon will make its debut in Part 3 of Ultra Unlock.

Hoopa is an incredible Gen 6 Pokemon that comes in two forms: Hoopa Confined and Hoopa Unbound.

Check out below the official trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages:

However, even if we won’t get the Gen 6 Pokemon as a reward, there are still many chances to see it happen soon! After all, the details for Part 3 have yet to be revealed.

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