Pokemon GO Fest 2021: Check Out the Full Event Schedule

Credit: Pixabay.com, Tumisu

Many Pokemon fans are excited about the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest event from 2021, and there’s no wonder why. One of the most popular augmented-reality games, namely Pokemon GO, is getting its dedicated fest. There is a lot of exciting stuff up ahead!

Thanks to Dot Esports, we now know the full schedule for the 2021 edition of the Pokemon GO Fest event that will be held Saturday, July 17, and Sunday, July 18. The Global Challenge Arena, habitat rotations, and more are some of the older features that had been revamped for the event.

Two magical days of Fest

“Gotta catch ‘em all!”, as Ash would say! Those who organize Pokemon GO Fest 2021 seem to have remembered that phrase very well, as Day One will be mostly about catching Pokemon and completing a set of Special Research that aims at Legendary Pokemon. As for Day Two, it will be a little different. Raids and more stuff about the vast majority of the Legendary Pokemon will be welcoming the fans on the second day of Pokemon GO Fest 2021.

Go Fest 2021 Day One:

– Jungle habitat – 10 am and 2 pm local time
– Desert Mountain habitat – 11 am and 3 pm local time
– Ocean Beach habitat – 12 pm and 4 pm local time
– Cave habitat – 1 pm and 5 pm local time

Go Fest 2021 Day Two:

– Raid Day Wind Hour – 10 am and 2 pm local time
– Raid Day Lava Hour – 11 am and 3 pm local time
– Raid Day Frost Hour – 12 pm and 4 pm local time
– Raid Day Thunder Hour – 1 pm and 5 pm local time

Pokemon GO is a worldwide phenomenon that won’t lose its notoriety anytime soon. The game is so insanely popular that it increased the stock of Nintendo by enlarging its market value by $7.5 billion.

Are you ready to become a Pokemon trainer? Hundreds of Pokemon are waiting for you in the Pokemon GO game, and its dedicated event will make you know those pocket monsters even better!

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