Pokemon Go New Spotlight Hour April Edition – 2x Bonus, Shiny Grimer, and More

Get ready for a brand-new Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go! This time, the limited-time event will focus on Kanto’s Grimer. But that’s not all. A Shiny version will be available and bonuses.

The Spotlight Hour was introduced back in 2020 and soon became one of the series’s most popular limited-time events. For the third edition of April, trainers will get the chance to capture the Gen I Pokemon Grimer and score a much-needed bonus.

Here is what you need to know.

Spotlight Hour Release Date

Spotlight Hour limited-time events are available each Tuesday of every month for 60 minutes, and they feature a single ‘mon. 

The upcoming Spotlight Hour will air on April 20 from 6 PM until 7 PM local time. If you explore the map during that time, the Kanto Pokemon Grimer will have boosted spawn rates.

The famous ‘mon, despite its arrival two decades ago, is still quite the catch! Grimer will also feature its Shiny version, so if you’re lucky enough, you might get one.

Spotlight Hour Bonus

The limited-time event is not the only thing we’ll get to enjoy next Tuesday! As you might know, Niantic merged Spotlight Hour with the Mystery Bonus hour, which is a great way of grabbing some sweet bonus.

The April 20 limited-time event will come with a 2x Stardust for every ‘mon you catch. How cool is this?

Stardust is excellent for any Pokemon in your inventory, so you can see why it will be one of the most desired goodies in the game.

Tip: use a Star Piece (stacks with the increased rate).

Shiny Grimer

Grimer will feature its Shiny version, Muk. The ‘mon evolution is really a big deal because it’s a solid contender in PVP’s Great League.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming Spotlight Hour to not miss all the fun!

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