Pokemon GO: Cresselia Counters, Weaknesses, Shiny Cresselia, and More


Raids in Pokemon GO are beneficial and a lot of fun because they provide players the opportunity to engage in combat with mighty creatures that serve as bosses. Cresselia, a Pokemon of the Psychic type, for instance, possesses outstanding skills, which are further enhanced when it is used as a boss in a raid. If you want to participate in such a raid, you should know that in the Cresselia raid, you need a strategy based on the Pokemon’s abilities and drawbacks. Having said that, let’s discover all there is to know about Cresselia, such as its weaknesses, its counters, and whether or not it has a Shiny form.

Cresselia’s Weakness and Resistances in Pokemon GO

Cresselia is vulnerable to attacks of the Dark, Bug, and Ghost types but otherwise boasts an amazing stat spread with 152 Attacks, 258 Defense, and 260 Special Attacks. That is so great, right? Because this Legendary Pokemon is able to withstand attacks of the Fighting and Psychic kinds, it is best to avoid utilizing those types if possible.

You may deal more damage to the raid boss by utilizing the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) ability that is available in Pokemon GO. The STAB thing is a nice feature that is now reachable when a Pokemon’s attack type and characteristic type are the same. This makes it possible to get an advantage in certain situations. Have you tried it yet?

Cresselia Raid Counters in Pokemon GO

Keep in mind that Cresselia is vulnerable to attacks of the Ghost, Dark, and Bug types; thus, it is recommended that you begin with that. The following are some of the most successful counters that you may try:

Is there a Shiny Cresselia in Pokemon GO?

Cresselia can, in fact, be shiny a Pokemon, which is a very nice feature. After the raid ‘mon has been vanquished, there is a possibility that a Shiny Cresselia could show up in the area. In point of fact, if you want to maximize the likelihood of coming across it, you need to participate in and succeed in as many raids as is physically possible.

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