Pokemon Go Cresselia Raids – How to Get the Pokemon?


Cresselia, a Legendary Pokemon of the Psychic type, is one of the potent ‘mon that can be acquired through Raids in Pokemon Go. And it comes with a catch, like quite the big one! You will need to devise a strategy and a plan in order to be victorious in your battle against Cresselia. Luckily, we’ve compiled a cool mini-guide on how to counter Cresselia in Pokemon Go.

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What is the Best Strategy to Defeat Cresselia in Pokemon Go Raids?

It is necessary to come out on top against Cresselia in a Raid fight in order to get it in Pokemon Go. It is recommended that you add Cresselia to your collection only if you plan to compete in PvP matches, especially in the Ultra League. You should not pass up the chance to seize Cresselia while it is still accessible in Raids and should do all in your power to do so. Cresselia is vulnerable to attacks of the Ghost, Bug, and Dark types since it is a Pokemon of the Psychic type. On the other hand, it is immune to moves of the Fighting and Psychic types.

Cresselia’s Moveset

In Pokemon Go, Cresselia is equipped with a diverse set of moves to choose from. Psycho Cut and Confusion are examples of rapid moves, but charged moves like Grass Knot, Future Sight, Moonblast, and Aurora Beam are examples of charged moves. You need to be ready for these maneuvers, and you should adapt your approach to account for them.

With that in mind, here’s what you have to do:

In battles against Cresselia, Mewtwo, Hydreigon, Darkrai, Tyranitar, and Chandelure are some of the most effective foes you may bring. Moves of a formidable Dark or Ghost type, like Brutal Swing and Shadow Ball, are accessible to these Pokemon. Utilizing Pokemon that are capable of using these moves will assist in dealing considerable damage on Cresselia.

Last but not least, it is important to point out that there is a Shiny variant of Cresselia available in Pokemon Go. This adds to the Pokémon’s already high level of scarcity and demand among collectors.

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