Madden 24: Release Date, Cross-play, Superstar Mode, and More Features Revealed

EA Sports

Since the beginning of the summer, EA Sports has been teasing fans with details about this year’s game, so somehow we know what to expect. From the release date, cross-play to the superstar mode and more cool features that Madden 24 will come with, we’ve discussed them below!

1) The Launch of Madden 24

Madden 24 will be available to the public on August 18. And there’s a catch! The game will also be available on August 15 for those who preordered the Deluxe Edition. Cool!

2) Superstar Mode in Madden 24

Very exciting! The Superstar Mode, which was last featured in Madden 18, will be back for Madden 24.

3) Madden 24 is Cross-play!

Cross-play has arrived with Madden 24, allowing players to compete head-to-head across several platforms.

4) The Star on Madden 24’s Cover

After featuring Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs on the cover of Madden 23, EA opted for Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills as the cover player.

5) Additional Enhancements

Minigames are coming back to Madden 24, along with customization and enhanced trade logic. If EA wants to include interactive player development, this is the way to do it. Additionally, relocation limits have been lifted, and a wider variety of logo, team, and city name alternatives are now accessible.

6) Modifications to Madden 24’s Ultimate Team

All champion cards are going to have an initial OVR of 87.

7) Innovative Safety Measures

Using the latest SAPIEN technology, EA prioritized three areas: improved artificial intelligence (AI), superior animations, and heightened realism.

8) Blocking Changes in Madden 24

Improvements to FieldSENSE and Foundational Football have led to considerable advancements in run blocking. With Hit Everything 2.0, the action will be more intense.

9) Ratings for Madden 24

There are five players in this year’s game who have a rating of 99 or higher: Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, Zack Martin of the Dallas Cowboys, and Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams.

10) SAPIEN System in Madden 24

The purpose of this innovative bone emulation technique is to make the player models and animations look more lifelike. The attacking and defensive linemen stand out as the most altered positions in every screenshot and video of Madden 24.

What would you like to see added in Madden 24 and why? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments section!

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