Top 5 WhatsApp Hacking Apps You Can Try Out Now

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One of the nicest things we can do nowadays is to use messaging apps like WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family. And there’s no wonder why it is so cool this way1 Texting, video calling, and even voice messaging are all possible on WhatsApp thanks to its extensive feature set. However, despite the fact that these platforms make communication easier, they can also give rise to worries for certain individuals due to the fact that compulsive use of these platforms can become a habit. Consequently, it is not at all unusual to want to keep an eye on the actions of another person.

We have put up an easy-to-follow guide on some of the most effective WhatsApp hacking programs that are currently available. Have a look at all of them down below, and then pick your favorite!

The Best Five WhatsApp Hacking Apps (2023 Edition)

1) eyeZy

eyeZy provides access to both real-time and historical chats on WhatsApp. Additionally, it provides insights into call records, which reveal information on the frequency of talks as well as their length.


  • The advanced features include a broad spectrum of actions that need to be monitored.
  • Updates on a regular basis to correct bugs and make improvements.
  • Users might feel reassured about the protection of their privacy when there is an emphasis on data security.


  • Some customers can be discouraged from using the service because of the increased price.

2) xMobi

Users are given the ability to better grasp the conversation that is taking place on the platform since xMobi makes it possible for them to access multimedia items such as photographs, videos, and audio recordings.


  • Stealth mode allows for surveillance without being detected.
  • Tracking WhatsApp in real time enables users to gain insights that are up to the minute.
  • Friendly and intuitive interface, allowing for quick and simple navigation.


  • There may be difficulties involved due to compatibility constraints with some devices.

3) Umobix

Umobix is able to monitor WhatsApp conversations and multimedia information, but it also offers information about shared places and integrates a sophisticated keylogging tool. In addition, Umobix expands its scope to give insights into shared places.


  • The ability to record keystrokes increases the utility of the product for anxious parents.
  • The comprehensive monitoring functions encompass a wide variety of activities relating to the device.
  • Monitors common areas to provide an additional layer of protection.


  • Rooting (on Android) or jailbreaking (on iOS) may be necessary in order to access some advanced capabilities.

4) Phonsee

Phonsee is able to effectively give speedy results because of the great care with which its setup methods are developed. The design of this system prioritizes the swift completion of setup procedures and the uninterrupted transmission of real-time updates.


  • An intuitive user interface makes navigating much easier to do.
  • The fast and simple configuration procedure allows for trouble-free installation.
  • You are kept informed about interactions that are now taking place thanks to real-time updates.


  • There may be fewer options available to users if iOS-compatible devices have limited compatibility.

5) Hoverwatch

In spite of the fact that WhatsApp monitoring continues to be an essential feature, the capability of the program to record call logs offers a more comprehensive perspective on communication patterns.


  • It allows users to evaluate its capabilities during a free trial period.
  • Monitors a diverse variety of activities, including phone logs and WhatsApp chats, amongst others.
  • Maintains a record of online surfing history to provide a more comprehensive perspective.


  • Rooting or jailbreaking may be required in order to access specific advanced functionalities.

Keep in mind that all of the WhatsApp hacking tools should only be used for concerns regarding security, such as trying to regulate the activities of your youngster or an older member of your family.

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