PlayStation 5 Version 7.00 Will Finally Integrate Discord

Source: Unsplash

Reliable sources claim that the long-awaited Discord support will arrive in the next major update for the PlayStation 5 (version 7.00). In addition, PS Plus Premium members will be able to avoid filling up their hard drives with games for the PS5 by accessing them remotely from the cloud. In March of 2023, the update will go live for consoles everywhere. Since the 6.00 update, which brought VRR (variable refresh rate) capabilities and allowed gamers to operate their console at 1440p, the Sony PlayStation 5 hasn’t received many new features. The forthcoming DualSense Edge controller is now supported in the most recent update, version 6.50. From what we’ve heard here at Insider Gaming, the upcoming big patch (7.00) will introduce some very cool new content.

Those who own a PlayStation 5 will be among the first to get access to Discord’s native console and mobile app integration. Discord’s status as the de facto standard for in-game chat makes its integration with the PS5 practically mandatory. Sony has even put money into Discord’s Series H round, which it may one day use to its advantage. Given that it was announced at the beginning of last year, it is a little overdue. In addition, Xbox has had this feature for a while now.

The ability to stream PS5 games via the cloud is the second big QoL feature brought forth by the PlayStation 5 version 7.00 upgrade. PlayStation Plus Premium members are currently the only ones who can access this function. For gamers who are running out of storage, this is welcome news, but for PlayStation Plus Deluxe members, there is no additional value because PS Now is not included. When compared to the lesser PS Plus Extra tier, PS Plus Deluxe looks progressively worse due to its higher price and smaller library of retro games.

Sony will likely release the beta for PlayStation 5 version 7.00 over the next few days. According to Tom Henderson, it will wrap up on the 30th of January, and a stable version will be released for consoles around the world on March 8th. It’s perplexing that the program won’t include Discord integration, since beta testing it would require the typical PS5 owner to try out what could be the most crucial addition to the console this year.

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